Location State
Ablu Punjab
Adampura Punjab
Akalia Kalan Punjab
Akalia Khurd Punjab
Aklia Jalal Punjab
Allike Punjab
Amargarh Punjab
Amarpura Urf Gurthuri Punjab
Ancorgarh Urf Machhana Punjab
Arai Khana Punjab
Badlala Punjab
Bagha Punjab
Bahadargarh Jandian Punjab
Baho Jattri Punjab
Baho Sibian Patti Basawa Singh Punjab
Baho Sibian Patti Dharam Singh Punjab
Bajak Punjab
Bajoana Punjab
Balahar Mehma Punjab
Balahar Vinjhu Punjab
Balianwala Punjab
Balloh Punjab
Baluana Punjab
Bambiha Punjab
Bandi Punjab
Bangher Charat Singh Punjab
Bangher Mohabat Singh Punjab
Bangi Dipa Singh Punjab
Bangi Nihal Singh Punjab
Bangi Rughu Punjab
What is Pincode?
Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has nine PIN zones.
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